Jade Darr
Baby Sign Instructor

Hi there,
My name is Jade. I’m a 30 year old born in the United Kingdom who moved to Texas, USA in 2010!

In 2012 I had my daughter and just before her first birthday she saw someone use ASL. She picked it up immediately and loved it. I loved having a way to communicate with her and so together we started our signing journey.
Fast forward and she's now 5 and still uses sign language daily. It is still a strong bonding point for us.
In Sept 2016 we added a baby boy to the world so now we are enjoying teaching him to sign as well!

In April 2016 after teaching many of my friends sign language so they could also communicate better with their little ones I decided to take the plunge and make it an official job. For most of our signing journey at home we used a product called Signing time so it seems only natural I continue to use this product when I teach others. I am now licensed and certified through Two Little hands to do Preschool & Early Education Classes and Mommy & Me Classes.


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